UWA Ceremony 2014

We, Karima and I, want to thank all people around the world, who support us over all the years, and to thank all people at UWA who make this great challenge possible. Especially the theme „Transcending Borders“ gave us the opportunity to show that it is possible to work together all over the world. No matter what’s your mother tongue or your religion, your age or whatever. And show a bit of our story that begun with the UWA challenge SEEK WISDOM.

Especially I want to thank Odracir, Dale, Shesa, Gamma and Luna. Without these great and supportive people from around the world our work would not be possible.

And last but not least:

To all our Fans, Friends, or let me say to all, who believe in our work:
Your lovely and heartfelt comments gives us a big big motivation to  do more and learn more and more, to become better…

So that with our next movie you will stare in amazement and the hairs on your arms will stand up, again 🙂

We love you all!

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