StarHunters Hunt

While the SL Sci-Fi Convention took place, there was a hunt for stars. Many Exhibitors hidden a Star with a gift at their booth.

Many beautiful things were placed into the stars: clothes/uniforms, vehicles and just..eeehm…things.
Being honest, I found not all.
Anyway, here are a few of what I’ve found:

A cool Jawa NPC
sfcon hunt_003

A fully functional „Phaser“, the standard energy weapon used by the Starfleet. Mesh with materials. YAY!
sfcon hunt_002

KB Personal Shuttle 5.0:
sfcon hunt_004

NG-48 Battle Frigate:




Alien Throne, the textures are moving, very cool:
sfcon hunt_005

Other gifties were shown in the videos I made, like helmets, t-shirts and so on

That’s it for today:)

I got a really nice SL Sci-Fi Convention 2015 Souvenier from LSI/ Tania Lacombe:
sfcon hunt_006

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2 Antworten zu StarHunters Hunt

  1. joeysl schreibt:

    Cool stuff! I haven’t even unpacked it all yet. We need to make a space opera video :))

    Gefällt mir

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