Kari’s Birthday Live! ~ Sunday March 8th 1pm-3pm slt

Digital Rabbit Hole

Come Help Me Celebrate! (poster by Natascha Randt)

Friends and Neighbors and Total Strangers, Come help me celebrate my birthday at my club, „Kari’s Bar and Dance“ in New Toulouse.
Sunday, March 8th at 1pmslt (Don’t forget the Daylight Savings)
Dallas Winslet will delight you for the first hour with his mellow and unique style
My dear talented friend, RoseDrop Rust will makes you dance and dream at 2pmslt
Come help me celebrate another year on this planet and in Second Life.
Hope to see you all there: Here is your taxi..don’t be late! I promise you a good time:)
Kari’s Bar and Dance

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